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Webinar: Four Platform Capabilities for Decision Management Systems


I will be giving a webinar on Four platform capabilities for Decision Management Systems on February 16th at 10am Pacific. This webinar kicks off the first installment of our definitive report on Decision Management Systems Technology Platforms. This report describes the wide range of technology available for building this exciting class of systems – Business Rules Management Systems, Predictive Analytic Workbenches and Optimization Suites, as well as recent advances around in-database analytics.

Decision Management Systems are the next generation of information systems. Agile, analytic and adaptive, Decision Management Systems put business rules management systems and predictive analytics to work improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your operations. Decision Management Systems are agile – easy to change, easy to keep compliant and transparent in their behavior. They are analytic, using historical data to predict risk, fraud and opportunity. And they are adaptive, responding to changing market needs and supporting experimentation and continuous improvement.

This webinar will describe the four key capabilities of a Decision Management Systems Platform

  • The ability to effectively manage decision logic
  • The power to deeply embed analytics
  • Support for monitoring and managing decision performance over time
  • A capability to optimize results

Participants will learn how these components fit together into a coherent architecture and see how this fits into the broader IT context. The product categories that package up these capabilities and the vendors that sell these products will also be outlined.

Future releases of the report and future webinars will add best practices, key product capabilities to look for, use cases and customer stories.

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