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Predictive Analytics in the Cloud – Sneak Peek Results


We are announcing the full results of our Predictive Analytics in the Cloud survey next week (Thursday, 10am Pacific) and will be making the results available also as a white paper at the same time. You can register on SmartData Collective for access to the white paper when it is published and for other deliverables including a new podcast on sneak peak results. I thought I would give everyone a sneak peek of some interesting results.

  • One of the questions we asked was about the top outcomes of using predictive analytics. Improved targeting/allocation of resources was widely cited and frankly that was a bit of a surprise.
  • All five of the scenarios – cloud-based predictive analytic solutions (decisions as a service), cloud-based deployment of predictive analytics into SaaS applications, cloud based deployment of predictive analytics to on-premise applications, using cloud-based data in modeling and pushing modeling to the cloud – were seen as powerful.
  • Decision Management was clearly an important element for successful analytic adopters. Among those transformed by predictive analytics a whopping 2/3 tightly integrate their predictive analytics with day to day operations!
  • Companies with more history of analytic success also placed a higher value on less volatile data than those with less experience.
  • More experience with predictive analytics does not make people more tolerant of “black box” models
  • Transaction based pricing – pay as you go – unexpectedly did not score highly as a motivation for cloud solutions.

See you on Thursday for more.