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Your Vote Please! Which Webinars to Re-Record


Most unfortunately, our webinar hosting provider Omnovia has lost the audio on our recorded webinars through last June. I will re-record the audio for the most popular webinars. Please “vote” for your favorites by emailing me (a tweet works, too, to @decisionmgt) your top 3 you would like re-recorded. I’ve given them numbers to make it easier to vote.

  1. From Business Intelligence to Predictive Analytics
  2. Increasing BPM agility and effectiveness with Decision Management
  3. Smarter Enterprise Applications with Decision Management
  4. Legacy modernization with Decision Management and business rules
  5. Decision Analytics – more than BI and web analytics
  6. Implementing Analytics? You need Business Rules
  7. Delivering customer centricity with decision management
  8. Simplifying over-complex processes
  9. Advanced decisioning for process excellence
  10. 5 core principles of Decision Management

Some of you may notice a few missing webinars. These are webinars with co-hosts that I won’t be able to re-record but the slides are available (as for all of our webinars) of our SlideShare Channel.