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Pervasive BI: Top Factors for Success


Brian McDonough of IDC talked about the drivers for pervasive BI in organizations. He identified various metrics for measuring pervasiveness. Each of these could be assessed (from beginner to expert for instance) to see how well an organization is doing.

  • Data Update Frequency
  • Percent of Power Users
  • Degree of Internal Use
  • Degree of External Use
  • Analytical Orientation
  • Number of Domains

IDC found that all of these were worth measuring to see how pervasive your BI/analytics deployment is. In addition they researched what management could do to influence analytical orientation:

  1. Training on KPIs, analytics and tools
  2. Solution design quality
  3. Data governance
  4. Non-executive management involvement
  5. Performance management methodology

These areas had large differences between leaders and laggards – for instance 75% of leaders had a formal performance management methodology where only 43% of laggards did.

Brian showed the IDC Decision Management model (blogged about here). The degree of automation and the kinds of analytics need to be considered based on the degree of collaboration involved in a decision, how often the decision must be made and so on.

Sadly I couldn’t blog Brian live (no wifi) and this was my last session of the conference.