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Webinar: How to build Decision Management Systems – Part 3 Decision Analysis


Decision Management Systems are the next generation of information systems. Agile, analytic and adaptive, Decision Management Systems put business rules management systems, predictive analytics and optimization to work improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your operations. Decision Management Systems are agile – easy to change, easy to keep compliant and transparent in their behavior. They are analytic, using historical data to predict risk, fraud and opportunity. And they are adaptive, responding to changing market needs and supporting experimentation and continuous improvement. This series of webinars will show you how to build this exciting class of system.

How to Build Decision Management Systems: Part 3 Decision Analysis
Tuesday, November 29, 2011, 10 am PT 

This webinar will introduce Decision Management Solutions approach to decision analysis. Based on work with multiple clients, this approach uses a robust model of your decisions to track and improve decision performance. The mapping of decisions to your organization and objectives drives effective decision performance monitoring while experimentation and champion/challenger execution help you find the best approach to your critical decisions and optimize them over time. Register here.