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Webinar: How to build Decision Management Systems – Part 2 Decision Services


Decision Management Systems are the next generation of information systems. Agile, analytic and adaptive, Decision Management Systems put business rules management systems, predictive analytics and optimization to work improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your operations. Decision Management Systems are agile – easy to change, easy to keep compliant and transparent in their behavior. They are analytic, using historical data to predict risk, fraud and opportunity. And they are adaptive, responding to changing market needs and supporting experimentation and continuous improvement. This series of webinars will show you how to build this exciting class of system.

How to Build Decision Management Systems: Part 2 Decision Services
Thursday, October 27, 2011, 10am PT

This webinar will introduce Decision Management Solutions proven approach to building decision services. Based on multiple client engagements, this approach uses the right mix of business rules management systems and predictive analytic technology to build effective decision services. Expanding on the analysis done to build your decision inventory, the approach identifies the core decision flow, rule sets, predictive analytic models and optimization models you need. Applying best practices in business rules and predictive analytics, it uses a focus on decisions to drive effective implementation. Building a detailed understanding of decision structure, it ensures that rule management technology and detailed rule analysis is applied correctly, eliminating unnecessary costs. Register here.