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Computerworld BI Keynote – From Business Intelligence to Predictive Analytics


I am giving the opening keynote at the Computerworld BI & Analytics Perspective Conference on September 19 2011.

The data you have, the way you analyze it, and the way you act on this analysis drives better business outcomes. To make the most of your data you need to do more than just adopt predictive analytics – you need to deeply embed predictive analytics in your day to day operational systems. Companies that use predictive analytics to get more value from their data are outperforming their competitors in areas such as underwriting, origination, marketing, customer retention, fraud detection, collections and more. This session shows you how to build on your investments in BI – reporting, visualization and dashboards – and achieve success with predictive analytics.

I will also be moderating a panel on Harnessing the Power of Unstructured Data, Mobile BI and Social Media – Hype or Real Value?