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Decision Management Product News Recap Q2 2011


Here is a recap of Decision Management product news for Q2 2011

Business Rules

  • First Look Corticon 5
    A long established vendor in the business rules management space, Corticon describe themselves as focused on delivering better, faster decisions by automating business rules.
  • First Look – OpenRules Decision Management System
    OpenRules allows business users to manage rules directly in Excel, OpenOffice or Google Docs (allowing collaborative rules management).
  • First Look – Sparkling Logic
    A social, cloud-based environment designed to help companies find the best, most defined decision logic. 
  • Update – New Wisdom RuleGuide
    RuleGuide manages information about decisions, rule families or rule sets, and a glossary of terms. It also provides analysis and governance for these objects. 

Data Mining and Predictive Analytics Platform


Decision Management

Business Process Management


Business Intelligence