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Business Rules Forum Presentation: Begin with the Decision in Mind


I am giving a cross-track presentation on Beginning with the Decision in Mind at the Building Business Capability event in Florida November 2 at 2pm Eastern.

Years of working with business rules and other decisioning technologies from business intelligence to predictive analytics and optimization has made one thing clear – technologies alone are not the answer. To be successful with these technologies people and process must change – they must become more decision-centric. Only a focus on decisions, and on operational decisions, can put these technologies to work to deliver better business results.

This presentation will use customer stories to show the power of beginning with the decision in mind. It will show how a decision-centric approach makes more use of business rules, simplifies business process and event-based design, and allows organizations to move to data-driven decision making. This session will

  • Introduce you to Decision Management Systems
  • Show you how success depends on a focus on operational decisions
  • Explain why this focus maximizes the value of business rules
  • Show you how these systems simplify business processes and event-based systems
  • Prepare you for a future that is analytic, adaptive and agile