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Newly updated white paper – Putting Predictive Analytics to work in Operations


As part of our ongoing efforts at Decision Management Solutions to promote the discipline of Decision Management we have been updating our white papers. I already blogged about a new white paper focused on Business Process Management – The Decisions at the heart of your process – and our update of Maximizing the value of business rules. I wanted also to point out that we updated Putting Predictive Analytics to Work in Operations for the recent Predictive Analytics World show.

Predictive analytics applied to operational decision making is the next major source of competitive advantage. The most successful companies are using Decision Management to put predictive analytics to work powering the day-to-day decisions that impact performance most. Contents:

  • Insights to actions
    Improving operational decisions
  • Customers
    They think your decisions are deliberate
  • Challenge
    Getting analytics into operations
  • Solution
    Decision Management increases analytic value

    • Decision Discovery
    • Decision Services
    • Decision Analysis

You can download the paper from the Decision Management Solutions website.