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10 Questions to Ask about your Business Rules Project


Here are 10 questions to ask about your business rules project that I developed some time ago but never ran on the blog – enjoy.

What is the business decision at the heart of your project?

How often is it made? What triggers it? Who makes it today? How repeatable is it?
Is this decision separate from your business process?

Is the decision shared between processes? Does it remain stable even if the process changes?
What policies and regulations matter? What are the sources of policies and regulations? How often they are updated? What kinds of changes are typically required?


Who owns the business rules that drive the decision?

Who determines if the rules are correct and complete? Where does the know-how live?
What other decisions use these rules? What other places use these business rules? What follow-on projects could re-use them? How could you take build on the work you have done?


What business rules are hidden in your data? What insights are currently buried in your historical data? How have you made this decision in the past? Has it worked well?


What additional insight would make a difference? What information about the behavior of a customer or prospect in the future would be useful? What uncertainty is there in this decision?


How do you measure the results of this decision? What information do you collect? How long does it take to see the impact of this decision? What makes this a good decision or a bad one?


How will you evaluate the decision making approach itself? How will analyze the decision making process? How will you analyze the factors that contributed to a good decision or a bad decision?


How will you do impact analysis? Which customers will be impacted by a change in this decision and how? How will profit, risk and customer service change when a change is made?