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Business Rules Forum Workshop: Decision Management – Practical Steps to Get More From Your Business Rules Investment


I am giving a workshop on Decision Management: Practical Steps to Get More From Your Business Rules Investment Monday October 31, 1:30-4:30pm Eastern at the Building Business Capability 2011 conference in Florida. The business rules approach, and business rules management systems, work. Organizations adopting them show clear benefits and a positive return on investment. Practical experience on projects shows that the most successful projects are those that combine a focus on business rules with a focus on business decisions. Adopting Decision Management, the business discipline of focusing on the automation and improvement of operational business decisions, is the best way to maximize the value of your business rules investment.

This tutorial uses real-world projects to illustrate the critical success factors in adopting Decision Management and applying it to business rules. It will show you how to find the operational decisions that matter to your business, show how business rules and business intelligence can be combined to improve decision making, show you how to set up a decision analysis process for continuous improvement and learning and much more. The class will cover:

  • An introduction to Decision Management
  • Practical tips for Decision Discovery
  • Best practices in constructing Decision Services with business rules
  • How to establish Decision Analysis for continuous improvement
  • How to get started
  • When and how to establish a decision management center of excellence

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