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Some announcements from SAS Global Forum


10 announcements at SAS Global Forum – some in the technology arena mostly around partnerships, some specific to solutions areas like customer intelligence, one industry specific one and several related to customers and their use of analytics.

Ketih Collins, CTO of SAS, started talking about the high performance computing announcements with EMC Greenplum and Teradata. Today SAS announced partnerships that allow you to leverage the data warehouse appliances from EM Greenplum and Teradata with advanced analytics. The performance of these systems help eliminate sampling – letting you do analytics on every row, billions of rows potentially – and let you do complex analytics quickly, reducing jobs that took days to minutes. SAS has taken its high performance computing algorithms, adapted them for MPP hardware and embedded them in the Teradata and EMC Greenplum appliances. As you can tell from the fact that I am quoted, I am excited by the potential of this development as it allows faster iteration, more regular updates of models and, as Keith said, not requiring sampling.

Chris Connor talked about a new solution for the Health and Life Sciences area- a solution that integrates data to help health plans manage patient wellness, responding to the massive increase in data in healthcare as in other industries. Tom Kinner talked about the new Governance Risk and Compliance solution. Andy Bober talked about a set of customer intelligence announcements.