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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Warning –this is a post about a standards process so there are a fair number of abbreviations – I tried to describe the key ones. There is a large community of users of business rules management systems, with thousands of large companies using them to automate and improve decisions. In addition, there is a strong [...]

Jacob Feldman presented to the Object Management Group Decision Modeling Notation meeting on OpenRules – an open source “decision management system”. Jacob argues that OpenRules is a Decision Management System for a number of reasons – besides having a rule engine and a rule engine it also supports automated rule discovery, predictive analytics, an optimization [...]

CEP and Decision Management

Paul Vincent of Tibco presented to the OMG Decision Modeling Notation day on the impact of event processing and real-time event handling on decision management. In particular the increasing need for true real-time, almost snap decisions. Tibco sees demand for these kinds of decisions across banking and trading, supply chains, telecommunications and more. Paul used [...]

The Rule Management Group presented next to the OMG meeting on Decision Model Notation. The Rule Management Group is a Dutch firm focused on how to extract business logic from various sources when building decisions – especially on how to extract logic from text documents. They typically work with legal documents and legal experts to [...]

Lee Lambert of New Wisdom Software presented on his RuleGuide product (see my first look on RuleGuide) to the group considering a Decision Modeling Notation for the Object Management Group. Lee initially focused on the typical complexity that comes when working with Business Process Management and Business Rules Management. Most projects started with a large [...]

Christian de Sainte Marie from the ILOG group at IBM presented to the OMG Decision Model Notation day on the role of decisions in the ILOG Business Rules Management System. Christian started by describing a BRMS (see my brief on what is a BRMS) and the ILOG BRMS in particular. He drilled down a little [...]

The KPI Decision Model

Barb von Halle and Larry Goldberg from KPI and one of their clients presented to the Object Management Group session on the KPI Decision Model (Barb recorded a webinar on the Decision Model for me some time back). KPI has been working on the Decision Model for some time and published a book on this [...]

Jan Vanthienen of the University of Leuven presented to the Object Management Group’s session on Decision Modeling Notation. He began by discussing how business processes need flexibility and this means you cannot hard code rules and decisions in your processes – processes often don’t change even when the decisions within them do. Rule Tasks in [...]

I am attending the Object Management Group‘s Decision Modeling Notation day. OMG is a standards body that is issuing a request for proposals on a notation and model for decision modeling. I kicked off the day by presenting on the importance of decisions. Here are my slides: Importance of decisions OMG View more presentations from [...]