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Workshop at the Gartner BPM Summit


I am giving a workshop – The Decisions at the heart of your process – at the Gartner BPM Summit in Baltimore, April 27-29 2011. This workshop introduces the decision management approach and critical decisioning technologies such as predictive analytics and business rules. The workshop is going to be highly interactive. As well as instructions and discussions, attendees will collaborate to find the decisions in their own processes. We will work on discovering, describing, classifying and understanding the decisions that matter to these business processes. Why? Because managing decisions and processes separately:

  • Delivers simpler, more agile business processes
  • Keeps fast-changing decisions separate from more stable business processes
  • Drives more customer-centric behavior by putting customer decisions at the center of processes
  • Makes clear where and how to apply business rules and business rules management systems
  • Sets up your processes for the effective application of data mining and predictive analytics

Maximizing work time and minimizing lectures, this workshop:

  • Introduces the business discipline of decision management
  • Classifies and describes the decisions in attendees’ processes
  • Designs and categorizes these decisions
  • Discusses the effective application of business rules and advanced analytics to these decisions

You can download a brochure here and register for the event here. You can get an introduction to some of the key concepts by watching this webinar on Advanced Decisioning for Process Excellence or checking out the slides for it on Slideshare.