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Survey on pre-processing in data mining


The department of information systems of Prof. Johannes Ruhland at the University of Jena in Germany has a research project www.whibo.fon.bg.ac.rs) on data preprocessing for clustering in data mining. Although preprocessing is important as a first step in clustering they feel that little effort is made to systematize data preprocessing. That might cause problems for users of data mining software because they are not sure which algorithm they should apply in which situation. The study asks software users and project leaders in the data mining field about their decision-making with respect to algorithms used to solve preprocessing problems.

You can answer the online questionnaire here: https://www.soscisurvey.de/preprocessing/?q=1 – REVISED

It will take around 10 min to answer all the questions and you have until November, 30th December 6th.

They have promised to send me the result and I will post about them when I get them.


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