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IIA’s 2011 Predictions for Analytics


I am going to be participating in the International Institute for Analytics Office Hours call for December on predictions of for the coming year. Each member of the faculty will discuss what they see happening in their specific areas of focus.

Topics include:

  • How will the modest economic growth predictions for 2011 impact the use of analytics as a competitive differentiator? Will specific industries adopt more quickly than others?
  • Which industries and competitors will make the biggest gains using analytics, and who will the losers be?
  • What sort of gap is expected between analytic competitors and those who do not invest in analytics?
  • Is there another seat to be had in the C-suite? Is there a permanent and distinct role for Chief Analytics Officers?
  • How will marketing, business development, HR, and IT management find themselves transformed by the use of analytics?
  • What IT challenges – database capacity, processor speeds, and software enhancements – will drive the sophisticated application of analytics?
  • Insights into new analytic techniques likely to emerge in 2011.
  • How will regulatory and privacy constraints influence the development of marketing analytics?
  • How big will the payoff in marketing analytics be?
  • Who’s winning the recruiting game using advanced analytics?
  • Who will buy from whom in the world of analytics software?