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Integration Roadmap #inext2010


The key goals or areas of focus for Pervasive in developing its roadmap are:

  • Connectivity
  • Verticals
  • Cloud
  • Data Quality/MDM
  • Internationalization
  • Management and Administration
  • Performance and scalability
  • … and partnerships to fill in any gaps

So, product by product, here are the things I thought were interesting

  • The Connectivity roadmap includes a focus on not just adding more connectors but also delivering a marketplace/community for pre-packaged connectivity frameworks. This should make it easier for smaller companies to properly integrate their systems.
  • The DataQuality products – Data MatchMerge, Data Profiler and so on – are being built on the latest version of Pervasive DataRush to maximize performance and throughput. Particularly in some of the fuzzy matching technology this performance is critical. Roadmap includes a focus on easier configuration and analysis too.
  • Integration Hub has some nice functional enhancements pretty broadly across the board
  • Data Integrator 9 will continue to be supported and extended even though Data Integrator 10 is now released.
  • Data Integrator 10 is clearly the focus with lots of new features as discussed earlier. Clearly the new browser-based interface, new management console and service decomposition (enabling extension and easier embedding) are big changes.
  • Data Integrator 10 Cloud edition has all these features, and has them earlier, with the Agent Connector Framework and more security elements being critical add-ons coming in the future

Overall I really like the cloud-based and management-centric focus for the new Pervasive Data Integrator product. Easier management of integrations over time is critical and the use of the cloud and thin-client tools looks great. Looking forward to seeing more as it develops and gets used.


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