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Integration horizons #inext2010


Mike Hoskins came on to wrap up the event after handing out some awards. His focus was on integration horizons, of which he identified three:

  • Integration Management
    This has not historically been a focus for Pervasive – they have been focused on the engines and technical details. The new stack, version 10, has clearly been designed to address this with its browser-based management tools and dashboards. As in so many areas, increased use and sophistication is driving to higher level management tools, more patterns, more repeatable solutions.
  • Data as a service
    This is a trend Mike sees growing. For instance, Microsoft’s recent announcements around its data marketplace and Mint.com’s launch of its Mint Data. Personally I agree it is happening but I think the real value is in delivering insight and ultimately decisions as a service. Data as a service might be a good intermediate step but, frankly, people want to make decisions not look at data.
  • Big Data
    Obviously this is a big driver for innovation in integration. Mostly, for Pervasive, this is just about maximizing the throughput of their engines using DataRush and so handling large data volumes.  DataRush has shown very nearly linear scalability as it is used on multi-core machines so more data just means more cores, not re-developing an algorithm. Mike also thinks that the database market is going to fracture as analytics become more important and the Big Data/NoSQL movement continues to grow – Hadoop/MapReduce/Hbase are growing fast because the volumes of data are exploding.

Interesting set of horizons and another great talk by Mike.


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