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Pervasive Data Innovation #inext2010


Mike Hoskins, Pervasive’s CTO, opened the conference talking about Pervasive Data Innovation. Mike sees a wave of integration innovation coming in the next few year. Pervasive, if you don’t know them, is a 28 year old company with 250 employees and thousands of customers and is particularly strong with partners and ISVs. 39 consecutive profitable quarter, 25% of top line revenue invested in R&D and lots of records in the integration division.

Pervasive has just announced Version 10 of its integration product on the cloud – a complete refactoring and rewrite of the integration stack. This is important as integration, Mike says, is exploding – in particular there is a tremendous explosion in end points. Version 10 has Universal Connect, designed to address this. In addition there is a completely new user interface. While Pervasive feels that it has great functionality the user interface was a little dated so version 10 has completely revamped it. This new interface is based on Adobe Flex, a rich internet application that works for cloud or on-premise deployments and provides both rich, easy to use interaction and a browser-based environment. This new environment is also designed to allow all the various pieces – processes, metadata, mapping etc – to be managed in a coherent way.

Version 10 also includes new product features under the covers. The product has a built in Enterprise Service Bus and has been refactored into a service-oriented stack – from the detailed integration components to mid-level engines and the universal connect elements. Similarly Data Quality is an area of focus, with work on fuzzy matching, de-duping at speed and contact verification through a partnership with Melissa Data.

Besides the cloud edition of v10, Pervasive has DataCloud 2 based on the Amazon EC2 elastic computer cloud. This allows them to develop integration on-demand with all the tooling and solutions running in the cloud, being managed and designed from anywhere. This cloud based solution also allows for on-premise integration through an Integration Agent Framework that connects the cloud solution to reach out to on-premise data and manage it in-site.  But it is not just being able to build your own integration in the cloud, it is also about being able to get integration solutions from the cloud – pre-baked integration solutions available on demand.

With this v10 cloud edition, Mike, says, you can design anywhere using the rich internet application interface talking to the cloud based tools, deploy this to the cloud and then configure this in the cloud. This could then be extended with the Integration Agent Framework, pushing down an agent to manage some on-premise data. Running and managing all these integrations can all be done through a common management console using the same cloud infrastructure. And in the future, Pervasive hopes to offer an app store for pre-configured solutions developed by partners and others.

Pervasive is also investigating how its technology might enable data services – though personally I think Decisions as a Service is a more interesting area. DataRush is also a focus, providing a highly scalable and high performance/multi-core platform for data intensive operations.

Lots of news, hope to see v10 later in the event.


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