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Happy world statistics day!


It turns out that today is World Statistics Day (according to my friends at SAS, who have a page all about it). The focus of the day is on the value of official statistics. So, if you are working for a governmental or non-governmental statistics organization, have a nice day 🙂

If you don’t work for such an organization I would suggest two questions for you:

  • When you think about your decisions and about how you might improve them (by automating them or supporting decision-makers more effectively), are you thinking about how third party data might improve your solution? Integrating data about consumers, locations, demographics and more can improve models and thus results.
  • When you think about how you could solve a decision-making problem, have you asked a statistician if they could help? They look at data, especially historical data, differently. You might be surprised by what they could tell you.

There’s a UN page about World Statistics Day also. Enjoy.


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