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Webinar – Delivering customer centricity across multiple channels, multiple platforms


Organizations have multiple channels for interacting with their customers. Each channel has its own platform for valid technical reasons. And each line of business has its own systems while customer data is spread across multiple databases. To deliver customer centricity, organizations need to connect these elements effectively. At the heart of effective customer interactions are decisions – decisions about offers, about eligibility, about treatments about the actions to take to serve a customer. A focus on these decisions, and on making these decisions customer-centric, is essential if every platform, every line of business, every channel is to be put to work effectively.

This webinar will show how decisions are at the heart of customer centricity, how those decisions can be managed independently of the disparate elements of an enterprise architecture and how Decision Management ensures you put a customer-centric strategy to work.

This webinar is available on-demand. Watch now or View Slides