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Fall events to learn more about decision management


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I am speaking or giving workshops at three events this fall and all three represent good opportunities for you to learn more about decision management:

First up is RuleFest 2010 in San Jose October 11-14. I am speaking on October 12 10:00 am to 10:50 on “Decision Services Need More Than Rules”. Rules Fest bills itself as the world’s only technical conference on reasoning technologies like business rules and will be pretty technical. Lots of people presenting and attending who know alot about the nitty gritty of the technologies. Details here

Next up is Predictive Analytics World October 19-20 in Washington DC.I am giving a workshop immediately before, on Monday 18th, called “Driving Enterprise Decisions with Business Analytics and Business Rules”. This will drill into decision management and the use of business rules and predictive analytics in combination. Workshop details here

Finally Business Rules Forum is running alongside Predictive Analytics World in DC October 17-21. You can attend my workshop as an attendee of either show (or just come to the workshop) and I will also be giving a keynote towards the end of the show called “Decisions have 3 Bs” that will discuss how considering Business Process, Business Rules and Business Intelligence separately is not enough. Details here

Hope to see you at one of these great events.


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