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Workshop at Predictive Analytics World/Business Rules Forum


I am giving a workshop between Predictive Analytics World and Business Rules Forum called “Driving Enterprise Decisions with Business Analytics and Business Rules”.

Putting business analytics to work is top of mind for organizations like yours. Business agility and operational responsiveness are more important than ever. There is a real opportunity to use analytics – especially predictive analytics – to seek out increasingly small margins and understand your customers, products, channels, partners and more. But predictive analytics is only part of the solution – you must put these analytic insights to work making better decisions every day. Business rules offer the agile, business-centric platform you need to manage decisions and effectively deploy predictive analytics. Putting them together requires a new conceptual framework – Decision Management.

Details here if you are attending Predictive Analytics World and here if you are attending Business Rules Forum.


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  • Brent Harrington February 5, 2011, 7:51 pm

    Hi Mr. Taylor,
    Thought you may want to check out a place that does predictive analytics on large scale and has over 5 petabytes of consumer info. From Wikipedia, under predictive analytics: “The new term for animating data specifically linked to an individual in a simulated environment is avatar analytics.” I use Avatar Analytics for predicting economic/political/cultural potential events and trends for investing. They have created what the scientists in the Nature article discuss. It works.