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Pervasive DataRush and KNIME


Pervasive DataRush and KNIME recently announced a partnership. I have blogged previously about both products (Pervasive DataRush, KNIME) and think there is a lot to like in this partnership. The ability to build analytic modeling processes that take full advantage of recent hardware advances (in multicore processors for example) is an important one, allowing as it does more complex models to be built and iterated more rapidly. With the continuing explosion of data and the growing interest in analytics, this kind of capability is critical.

When I first looked at Pervasive the challenge was how to take advantage of its platform without writing you own Java code. The integration with KNIME will allow a graphical editor to be used to layout a data mining or data preparation process that takes full advantage of scalable commodity hardware.

Disclosure: Pervasive DataRush are a client of mine.


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