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Speaking at the Bay Area Metrics User Group


I am speaking at the Bay Area Metrics User Group (MUG) and Metrics Special Interest Group (MSIG) meeting on Performance Management & Agility – Wednesday June 2 3, 6-8pm.

Significant investments have been made in performance management systems that purport to enable organizations to manage better day to day but also to govern change. These management systems are useful since they identify opportunities and threats. Many of these decision making and change management processes, however, react too slowly for today’s pace. Are companies focusing on instrumentation to the detriment of agility? How much more value could you realize if you could more rapidly and accurately change your systems to exploit these opportunities or address these threats? What if you could look at the metrics on your dashboard and respond to what you learned by directly changing the way your systems, and thus your company, behave?
This session will discuss:

  • The need to balance performance monitoring and decision management to maximize both awareness and agility.
  • How Decision Management transforms investment in instrumentation into an investment in agility.
  • How Agility translates to direct impact on key business priorities-cost competitiveness, differentiation, customer retention and growth.

There is also a Bring  a Problem segment in which Venkat Jonnalagadda of Cisco will share with us the challenge of defining metrics within an IT organization. How do you translate  qualitative performance indicators to quantitative metrics that make sense?

The meeting is held at the offices of JWay Group , Inc in the Training Room
4125 Blackford Avenue Suite 128
San Jose, CA 94040