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Teradata Customer Management Portfolio


Marc Schroeder presented on Teradata’s customer management portfolio – Teradata Relationship Manager (TRM).  Clearly the move to multi-channel, customer-centric customer relati0nships and the growth in data and behavioral data particularly are driving new demands in customer relationship software. Vision:

Maximize customer profitability by enabling a comprehensive interactive marketing environment that manages intelligent customer dialogs, leverages behavioral data and delivers a closed loop.

Teradata’s products in this space are Relationship Manager (campaign management, dialogs, event-based marketing), Interaction Advisor (real-time offer management and learning), Marketing Resource Manager (digital asset management reporting) and eMarketing. As a set these deliver both strategic intelligence about customers and operational intelligence integrated with the systems that interact with customers.

Four different aspects to the customer management approach:

  • Empower: Enable more users to analyze and target customers while centrally managing policies. In particular they have tried to made the UI consistent, add point-and-click segmentation etc.
  • Expand: Foster an interactive dialogue across all channels and integrating self-service, follow-up and proactive marketing. Event-based marketing, for instance, must be added to the mix. Trying to deliver an automated, continuous cross-channel dialog.
  • Enhance: In-depth and real-time knowledge about customers focused on improving the relevance of the offer and making more timely decisions.
  • Ecosystem: Adapt to current current environment by partnering and allowing customers to integrate with best of breed products from others. Bring data from all different products into a single data warehouse to create a customer management view in Teradata

Teradata sees its differentiators as its history with event-based marketing, self-service, cross-channel optimization, real-time execution, integrated web intelligence.

Teradata is also working to fix the offline/online marketing data split that is common in most companies. Most companies have a customer profile built from their enterprise applications, surveys, CRM system and a completely separate web analytics environment. Teradata has worked with some customers on this integration and found, for instance, that enhancing offline offers with online data boosts call conversions by 250% and enhancing online offers with offline data can increase website conversion 3-5x and email conversion 8-12x. Company taking abandoned shopping carts, making sure the customer did not buy it from catalog or store subsequently, making sure the product is in stock and then following up with those who really abandoned to offer free shipping for instance or some other personalized offer. Clearly integrating these data sources adds tremendous value but it is hard and expensive to capture and integrate data across these channels to Teradata built adapters to various web analytics providers to pull data into a common data model including search, web advertising etc. Some customers are even going as far as matching behavior of unknown/anonymous visitors to patterns of known customers so can target people even if they are not identified on the web.

Coming soon, more integration with web analytics and mobile/SMS marketing as new channels, social media data (of course). As you might expect, Teradata is thinking about how to integrate social media data into automated dialogues but nothing yet.

Most interestingly for me they are going to integrate their predictive analytics with existing rules-based decisioning engine, though few details were provided.


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