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Paying for rules by the rule with IDIOM


I have blogged about the folks at IDIOM before and I recently heard that they are making IDIOM Decision Manager available under a new free/very low cost price plan. Not a trial or test plan, but a real pricing model that supports commercial development and full ownership of generated code at what can only be described as a VERY competitive price:

US$10 per 1,000 lines of code

This is for either Java or C# and goes down to just US$1 per 1,000 lines of code for the second and subsequent generation of code for a given set of rules. Not only is this a very competitive price, it’s also delightfully incremental  and matches to the amount of value you are getting at any point. They also now offer a free download and a month of code generation free. If you tell them you heard about this on JTonEDM you might even get an additional free period! Pricing and other details are here on the IDIOM site.

Now IDIOM Decision Manager is a little different from many other BRMS products in that it generates standalone code for the rules/decisions you implement in it and because it manages rules as decision models not as rulesets. The interface is very friendly though, with business users liking it a lot, and the tool allows you to build and deploy decision services which is what counts. It’s also touches your existing architecture very lightly (thanks to its code generation) and let’s you treat the logic in your decisions as readily changeable content not as code. All in all a product that is definitely worth checking out, especially given this new pricing model. You can check out their getting started video or go to their website or more details.

Disclosure: IDIOM Software is a customer


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