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Telemetry means little without analytics


Syndicated from BeyeNetwork

CNet had a nice story about UPS that caught my eye – UPS turns data analysis into big savings. What was interesting about this to me was not just the use of telemetry (which is interesting enough), but the way analytics acts as a massive value multiplier for this kind of data. In the article you see this great quotes:

“There’s millions and billions of pieces of information flooding out of the vehicle [at all times] into this dumb telematics device,”
“Now you have to mine it,” Levis said.

Absolutely. Now you have to mine it. There is too much data, arriving too fast to put this on a dashboard or in a report and get real value from it. Instead you need to mine it for insight and operationalize this insight so it is actionable. Add the rules that make it actionable and then make the decisions, take the actions, that will add value to your business.

While not every company has telemetry data, many have high volume data streams that seem to offer the potential for better business operations. But you have to mine it.