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Building a Business Process Competency Center #gartnerbpm


Cross-posted at ebizQ

A panel discussion from multiple companies (Wells Fargo, Iron Mountain and Kaiser Permanente) on BPCCs. I am not going to attempt to capture the whole conversation but here are some key lessons/hints/critical success factors:

  • Case studies of the people, process and technology – scheduled presentations help build momentum
  • Best practices templates for people (organization), process (approaches and artifacts), technology (core tools involved)
  • Several of the speakers are in charge of both business process innovation/improvement as well as the business process competency center
  • Three areas of resources – process services (document and understand the process), program services (to help people run large, strategic efforts) and alignment services (standards, governance approach)
  • Follow the money and an urgency for results not just using the tools
  • Many opinions, one set of facts to drive process improvement
  • You need to be willing to change measurement approaches, compensation plans to match process changes
  • Recognize that lots of BPM is going on under multiple different names and bring those people into a BPM Community of Practice
  • Adopt a common methodology, tools and training
  • Staying focused on areas where there is an urgent driver for change like price pressure or compliance problems
  • Sponsorship is essential but so is a shared definition of the problem/possible solution
  • Teach people how to fish so you can move on to new problems
  • Charge for your services as soon as you can

Some interesting suggestions, more of which would be true for any competency center.


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