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Karl Rexer of Rexer Analytics sent me a note the other day about some early results of the 3rd Annual Data Miner Survey in the Spring of 2009.  Like the previous surveys (I blogged about the 2008 survey), it  examined data miners’ algorithms and tools, opinions and views, types of data analyzed, challenges encountered, and [...]

The spring Predictive Analytics World 2010 is coming to San Francisco in February and the agenda is now published at PredictiveAnalyticsWorld.com.  I am giving a tutorial (Putting Predictive Analytics to Work) the day before the conference and speaking on the first day (Analytic journeys). If you are interested, use the code SPEAKPAW010 to get a [...]

Pervasive predictive analytics

After posting on the 10 analytic truths/myths earlier today I was reminded that I had not posted about Fern Halper’s post: Is it Possible to Make Predictive Analytics Pervasive?. I enjoyed Fern’s post and meant to blog about it but then got distracted. She makes the key points well – we increasingly do not need [...]

Analytic truth and myth

Alison Bolen posted a nice list of analytic truths, or perhaps myths, on the SAS blog today and asked what people thought. I was, of course, unable to resist: To make analytics successful, the CEO has to have a personal interest in it. MYTH While it is true that the only companies I see who [...]

Make Better Decisions

Tom Davenport published a new article recently in the Harvard Business Review titled Make Better Decisions. In it he gives some examples of bad decisions and asks why this decision-making disorder? First, because decisions have generally been viewed as the prerogative of individuals—usually senior executives. The process employed, the information used, the logic relied on, [...]

I hosted a panel last week on predictive analytics at the Business Analytics Summit. I was joined by Richard Boire of the Boire-Filler Group, Jean-Paul Isson of Monster.com and Michael Berry of Data Miners (and author of Data Mining Techniques, one of my favorite Data mining books). I asked a series of questions and we [...]

I am hosting a panel on Predictive Analytics at the Business Analytics Summit and I got a chance to attend a session beforehand where Dave Stodder presented on performance management and Key Performance Indicators. Dave began by emphasizing that performance management is both a business and IT issue and that it needs to link people, [...]

New BeyeNetwork Radio Show

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork I participated in BeyeNetwork’s Radio Show this morning and we had some interesting discussions around analytics and in-memory analytics. Check out the recording of our discussion on business analytics, in-memory databases and the BI maturity curve: http://www.b-eye-network.com/listen/12070

Syndicated from ebizQ In a press release just over a month ago, Gartner said that Context-Aware Computing will provide significant competitive advantage. As the press releases says: Gartner defines context-aware computing as the concept of leveraging information about the end user to improve the quality of the interaction. Emerging context-enriched services will use location, presence, [...]

I gave a keynote at the Business Rules Forum today on Smarter systems for uncertain times.  I gave the presentation without slides and had planned to use my notes as a post but, as the notes ran to 5,000 words, I have decided to write a white paper based on them instead! To keep you [...]

The second full day of the Business Rules Forum/Enterprise Decision Management Summit is over and once again I have been taking notes rather than blogging live. Once again there were some great sessions – today I heard Steve Hendrick of IDC, Sandeep Gupta of Equifax, Chaitan Sharma of DAASL, Zach Springborn of OneData and Mo [...]

It’s the end of day 1 of the Business Rules Forum/Enterprise Decision Management Summit and time to write a wrap up post for the day – no live blogging today as I have too much on as track chair to sit behind my keyboard! Today I got to attend Jim Sinur’s keynote and sessions from [...]

Another webinar in the ongoing series: Rik Gerrits and Kees Noordsij discuss Rules, vocabularies and fact modeling from a business perspective. What the business needs to manage business rules is quite different from what IT needs to support rule engines. Find out what rulebook management by the business means in practice, and why the differences [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ The new book from Barb von Halle and Larry Goldberg, The Decision Model: A Business Logic Framework Linking Business and Technology, is now available. This book outlines an approach for capturing and managing the business rules you need to understand in order to implement a Decision Service. It complements the use of [...]

Last session at the SAS/BetterManagement.com event this week on IT and personalized healthcare. Yan Chow of Kaiser Permanente presented on their vision for IT-enabled healthcare. Kaiser is an integrated system with 8.6M patients and 180,000 employees and physicians. Integrated means that insurance/delivery are all aligned and Kaiser is very focused on prevention. It is also [...]

Malcolm Gladwell, Thornton May (author of The New Know: Innovation Powered by Analytics)and Tom Davenport (author of Competing on Analytics, reviewed here) made up a high powered panel for this. Various random comments follow: Healthcare is being used as an example by the panel as an obvious point where analytics and expertise intersect. There is [...]

Malcolm Gladwell took the stage to present next. Malcolm is the author of some great books (such as Blink, reviewed here, and Outliers). Gladwell began by noting that Vegas seems an odd place to hold a conference on analytics! His first story was about art – a dealer brings a new statue to the Getty, [...]

Analytics and Innovation #PBLS

Jim Goodnight, CEO of SAS, and Geoffrey Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm among other books, had a discussion on the use of analytics in innovation. Several areas were touched on from the global economy to innovation approaches to education. The growth of low cost competitors in the global economy has commoditized that which can [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork I am at the Premier Business Leadership Series, SAS/BetterManagement.com’s event, and I got to attend a great panel on Analytics in the Executive Suite. Barbara Pindar of Aeropostale, Eric Webster of State Farm Insurance, Cameron Davies of Disney and Keith Collins of SAS made up the panel. Each panelist gave a quick introduction: [...]

SAS customers and fraud detection

Another customer panel courtesy of SAS. This one had Rex Pruitt from Premier Bankcard (I blogged about how Premier put predictive analytics to work and Rex presented at Predictive Analytics World), Chris Swecker formerly of the FBI/Bank of America, Cameron Jones SAS’ Chief Compliance Officer and was moderated by Ellen Joyner. Fraud, obviously, is a [...]