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Smart systems in business


Syndicated from ebizQ

K. Mani Chandy is one of my fellow bloggers on ebizQ and his first post had a title that caught my eye – Smart Systems in Business: A Biological Metaphor. Given my focus on decisions to make smarter systems (or, as Neil and I put it in our book, Smart (Enough) Systems) I am excited to see this new blog and I am looking forward to seeing what Prof. Chandy has to say.

So far it seems like he and I will be in broad agreement. Like him I think smarter systems must take the data organizations have and turn it into usable insight, future probabilities (I suggest using predictive analytics and data mining), they must take appropriate actions (using business rules, for instance) and they must be flexible, responding automatically where they can (using adaptive analytics for instance) or at least allowing rapid manual changes (again, thanks to business rules).


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