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Your movements speak for themselves


Syndicated from BeyeNetwork

Jeff Jonas had a great post on his blog recently, Your movements speak for themselves: Space-Time Travel Data is Analytic Super-Food! in which he made the point that:

Mobile devices in America are generating something like 600
billion geo-spatially tagged transactions per day.

With such huge volumes involved, this information is only going to be useful if it can be analyzed and used. It’s real time, high volume and constantly changing. Displaying it on a dashboard or putting it in a report is not going to add much value. Use it to drive real-time decisioning, though, and you could start to add some real value. Of course this leads to concerns of surveillance and I, like Jeff, believe:

Such a surveillance intensive future is inevitable,
irreversible and as I have said before here
… irresistible.

But if your customers are generating, or could be generating this kind of information, what could you do with it? Well you could use it to recommend places to go, you could use it to target offers and advertising, you could use it to schedule and route deliveries or repair crews when they are needed, or… well, lots of things.

The point is that your customers ARE generating this kind of information and the question is what are you going to do about it?


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