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Some new white papers


I have added a couple of new white papers to my company site – check out the decisioning white papers page where you can register and download them.

The first is called “Smarter Systems for An Uncertain World” and is similar in concept to the keynote I gave at the Business Rules Forum: In an increasingly uncertain world, businesses require agility more than ever. But no organization can be more agile than its systems. Decision Management transforms your hard-to-change IT applications into action–oriented, flexible, predictive, smarter systems that learn and adapt. This is a short, pithy white paper.

“Becoming a Decision-Centric Enterprise” is the other one, sponsored by Be Informed. Organizations face many challenges in today’s business climate and are handicapped by systems that are centered on processes or functions. To succeed, these organizations need to move their thinking from processes and functions to decisions. This one was written for European audience and is a little longer…



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