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Decision Management and Event Processing


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My buddy Claye Greene, Principal Consultant at Technology Blue (a Decision Management Solutions partner) wrote a great little article on Decisions and Complex Event Processing that I highly recommend. Like Claye I think Event Processing and Decision Management are highlly complementary and Claye sums it up nicely in his article:

To maximize the success of CEP implementations there must be sufficient
focus on managing the decisions that are to be made when certain events
or even correlations present themselves. Whether those decisions are
executed internal or external to the event processing engine, Decision
Management lends proven practices to analyze, trace, document, manage
and maintain decisions.

I have written on Decision Management and event processing before – check out CEP vs Decisions and Rules, Event Processing Thinking: On Decision Agents and On event rules and decision management.

Claye also recorded a great webinar with me – check out his Decision Management Solutions webinar archives.


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