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Webinar: The Decision Model – Empowering Decision Management


The fourth webinar in the series. In order to implement Decision Management effectively, we need to be able to identify and manage the business logic (i.e. the business rules) underlying business decisions. It soon becomes apparent that classical methods of gathering and managing business rules (i.e. by natural language) do not scale to support Decision Management requirements. The Decision Model enables business leaders to manage a more tangible and relevant business asset rather than individual natural language business rules. This technology independent model is a platform on which a powerful Decision Management foundation may be built.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why do we need a new model now?
  • A real world case study
  • Decision Model notation and rigor
  • How to get started

Barbara von Halle is Managing Partner of Knowledge Partners International, LLC (KPI).  She is co-inventor of the Decision Model and co-author of The Decision Model: A Business Logic Framework Linking Business and Technology published by Auerbach Publications/Taylor and Francis LLC 2009. As the fifth recipient of the Outstanding Individual Achievement Award from International DAMA, Barb was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1995. Known as a data architecture and business rules pioneer, she has consulted for over 25 years.

Larry Goldberg, Managing Partner of Knowledge Partners International, LLC (KPI), has over thirty years of experience in building technology based companies on three continents, and in which the focus was rules-based technologies and applications. Commercial applications in which he played a primary architectural role include such diverse domains as healthcare, supply chain, and property & casualty insurance. Larry is co-author of The Decision Model: A Business Logic Framework linking Business and Technology (Auerbach, 2009).

Registration here.

More coming over the following weeks – I will post them on the blog gradually but you can get the list of registration page for the series.