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Rebooting campaign management with centralized decisioning


I was reading Campaign Management Needs A Reboot by Suresh Vittal – Forrester Research recently as part of preparing for a webinar with Surresh (he and I are both presenting at a Unica webinar on Centralized Decisioning on the 22nd of this month). The paper make some great points and I particular liked the 8 principles Surresh describes, which include enabling dialogues not just campaigns and bridging offline and online, inobund and outbound. He identifies a centralized decisioning capability using rules, arbitraiton logic, business constaints and policies as central to this, including analytics in his discussion of analytically derived rules.

I recently wrote a white paper for Unica called The Case for Centralized Customer Decisioning (registration required) and you can register here for this webinar on centralized decisioning.

Centralized Decisioning

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  • SSahoo November 20, 2009, 8:50 pm

    I would like know which are the business rule engines suitable for Campaign Management decisions. Suresh Vittal’s report connects the dots in the campaign management.