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A new book on open source business rules


Syndicated from ebizQ

With Drools 5, JBoss and the open source community have delivered a true business rules management system for the first time. Using Drools, organizations can take control of the logic that drives their operational decisions using an open source platform. Some time ago I wrote a little forward for Paul Browne and now his book on JBoss Drools is available.

Paul introduces both business rules and JBoss Drools to the most important audience for this approach – business people. Accessible and well-written, Paul’s book leads you through the key concepts and holds your hand while you install the product and get started with business rules. With his help you can take control of the logic in your systems and manage your decisions for better business results and greater agility.

You can check out this free chapter (on the new Guvnor interface) or buy JBoss Drools Business Rules on amazon.com.