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DIALOG The evolution of ILOG’s BRMS


Steve DeMuth presented on the ILOG BRMS roadmap. The roadmap is driven by ILOG’s vision of rules as a way to solve a class of problems, the need to integrate and partner with IBM (WebSphere,System Z), integration points and real use cases. The vision:

  • Businesses live and die on the quality of their decisions and their ability to rapidly and effectively change how they make those decisions (something with which I agree completely).
  • Automated decision making saves money and time
  • But the price of automation is IT/business impedance
  • The BRMS eliminates this with business ownership of directly deployuable platform-agnostic decision making.

Nice stated Steve. Moving on to the IBM partnership, Steve pointed out how business rules is a key part of a Smart SOA. The ILOG BRMS is the IBM technology for creating, maintaining and deploying business decision services. Again, spot on. It is also a compelling way to bring agility and decision transparency to System z mainframe applications – either by generating code or by using the Java services on System z. Finally there is huge opportunity to bring decision making to BPM, SOA and Industry Frameworks.

He went on to discuss what he calls points of flexibility – an IBM phrase covering business event processing, business process management, business activity monitoring, SOA and business rules management itself. BRMS and decision management address one directly but also has a role to play in supporting event processing, process management and activity monitoring. It can help you go from detection to action by deciding appropriately and help you orchestrate the processes involved and then use the results you see to improve the rules in your decisions.

Lastly he points out that they get inputs from analysts, users, developers, architects and more. Everyone is involved in using BRMS and all have their point of view.

Now, of course, this is where it gets interesting and where I will stop blogging. If you want more, become an ILOG customer.