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Smart systems in business

Syndicated from ebizQ K. Mani Chandy is one of my fellow bloggers on ebizQ and his first post had a title that caught my eye – Smart Systems in Business: A Biological Metaphor. Given my focus on decisions to make smarter systems (or, as Neil and I put it in our book, Smart (Enough) Systems) [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork James Kobielus had a nice list of Advanced Analytics Predictions For 2010 over on the Forrester blog. As usual James is thought provoking with some interesting predictions. Let’s start with the one’s with which I agree most strongly. Advanced analytics sinks deep roots in the data warehouse Absolutely. In database/in warehouse analytics [...]

Quick thoughts on IBM and Lombardi

I have been out this week visiting clients and prospective clients on the east coast and so not blogging much. While I was gone IBM announced its acquisition of Lombardi. Now I don’t have much to add to Sandy Kemsley’s excellent post on the topic except to say that Lombardi has also been virulently anti-business [...]

A predictive enterprise

Syndicated from ebizQ I was reading an old SPSS presentation the other day and found a great definition of a Predictive Enterprise: A predictive enterprise: Derives maximum value from its data assets Understands its business by gaining deep insight Leverages advanced analytics to predict outcomes Turns this knowledge into action to optimize decision making across [...]

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork Jeff Jonas had a great post on his blog recently, Your movements speak for themselves: Space-Time Travel Data is Analytic Super-Food! in which he made the point that: Mobile devices in America are generating something like 600 billion geo-spatially tagged transactions per day. With such huge volumes involved, this information is only [...]

Recording of the Breakaway Breakout session where Fred Balboni and I discuss the new IBM research on using analytics to breakaway from competitors. Watch live streaming video from newintelligence at livestream.com

Syndicated from BeyeNetwork My friends at Zementis have just launched support for executing predictive analytic models in Excel – check out Predictive Analytics at your fingertips: Scoring data in Microsoft Office Excel. While not, exactly, a high-volume transaction environment, Excel is an interesting place for executing predictive models and I like the way the folks [...]

Some new white papers

I have added a couple of new white papers to my company site – check out the decisioning white papers page where you can register and download them. The first is called “Smarter Systems for An Uncertain World” and is similar in concept to the keynote I gave at the Business Rules Forum: In an [...]

Alan fish has started a blog on decision requirements and recently blogged on The Decision Requirements Diagram. If you are doing business rules or analytics, or better yet decision management, read this now. Fabulous, if straightforward and “obvious”, this is a diagram you should be using. I certainly plan to.

I am presenting on Decision Management – putting rules and analytics to work at the Connecticut Business Rules User Group on Thursday December 17th at 5:30. This event is open to the public and is free. Registration is required – email president@hartford.theiiba.org. The schedule is: Doors open at 5:30PM for registration and networking Meeting Intro: [...]

IBM today released a new report on the progress companies are making adopting business analytics and optimization. The paper is called “Smarter decisions for optimized performance” (love it) and focuses on how companies are using analytics and optimization to “breakaway” – a sports analogy such as where a cyclist breaks away from the pack not [...]

In Risk Is Not a Quarterly Exercise; It Should Be a Way of Life Norman Marks asks an interesting and pertinent question: Is your risk management program a quarterly exercise or a way of life in the business? One of the most uses of analytics is in risk assessment – predicting fraud or credit risk [...]

The folks from SAS gave me a quick update the other day on SAS Enterprise Miner and SAS Model Manager, two of SAS’ data mining/predictive analytics products. I often blog about SAS, as you would expect, but I have not done any product posts. SAS’ Business Analytics Framework is focused on helping organizations find the [...]

Syndicated from ebizQ My buddy Claye Greene, Principal Consultant at Technology Blue (a Decision Management Solutions partner) wrote a great little article on Decisions and Complex Event Processing that I highly recommend. Like Claye I think Event Processing and Decision Management are highlly complementary and Claye sums it up nicely in his article: To maximize [...]

I got a chance to catch up with the folks from Red Hat recently. I have reviewed the new functionality that Mark Proctor and his team have been adding to turn the old Drools rule engine into a competitive Business Rules Management System or BRMS when the latest release came out. This time we chatted [...]

Neeraj asked me an interesting question the other day – how would a decisioning product like Oracle RTD and a business rules engine co-exist? Rather than answering this specifically I thought I would try and generalize it. After all there are products like Unica and Chordiant that also offer decisioning engines that are not general [...]

Neil Raden and I helped write an article for Teradata Magazine – Prepare for impact – and you can find it online as part of Teradata Magazine Online. The article came out of some research on decisioning technology that Neil and I did together. You can download it from Teradata or from Decision Management Solutions.

First Look – Convergys

While I was attending the Business Rules Forum a few weeks back I got my first chance to learn about Convergys. A major sponsor of the event, Convergys is focused on improving the customer experience and customer relationships using decisioning technologies. Building on a history in customer care and billing, Convergys is now a nearly [...]

Another webinar in the ongoing series this fall. There is growing consensus among business rule practitioners and thought leaders regarding the importance of the rule repository in developing a scalable, sustainable business rule management capability. This session will provide an overview of business rule repositories and identify the three “must have” capabilities for supporting an [...]

A decisioning elevator pitch

Syndicated from ebizQ So you’re the CIO of a Fortune 500 company and you step into an elevator with your CEO. He asks why the board should approve your seven figure Decision Management budget request. What’s your “elevator pitch” for decisioning? Is it that decisioning can change the basic assumptions of your business – decoupling [...]