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Microtrends and a new column in the WSJ


I worked with Kinney Zalesne back when I was speaking about decision management on the Silverlink product tour (I blogged about it here). She and Mark Penn have just started a new column in the WSJ called Microtrends (the same name as their book – Microtrends: The Small Forces Behind Tomorrow’s Big Changes – which I also recommend). The first one is called The Mattress Stuffers and discusses how some people have reacted to the financial crisis.

Microtrends in general is a closely related topic for those thinking about decision management. After all, if you want your information systems to target very small segments – the essence of microtrends – then you need to both automate the decision as to how to treat someone and embed analytics (segmentation primarily) into those decisions. Similarly the fact that microtrends come and go quickly is another reason for using decision management to make sure you decisions are easy to change, allowing you to target Mattress Stuffers, or any other group you detect, rapidly and effectively.

Sadly there’s no way to subscribe to the column on line so I will just have to remember to check…


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