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Business Event Management and Decisions


There has been another flurry of posts around event processing and event management recently. IBM recently announced Business Event Management about which the architect guy had this feedback, Carole-Ann posted An attempt at demystifying CEP, BPM and BRMS and Eric Roch replied with EDA, CEP, BPM, BRMS and SOA. This is also a topic on which I blog regularly like this one on Decision Agents and this one over on my ebizQ  blog with links to a whole conversation I had with various bloggers. Now I don’t see this debate going away with IBM’s recent annoucement. What I see instead is continued overlap and confusion between the various TLAs being discussed. The same solution could be (and will be) called a Complex Event Processing solution, a Decision Management one and Business Event Management. What I think we will see in parallel, however, is a couple of realizations:

  • Business Processes, Events (simple, complex and business) and Decisions all have a role and all should be defined and managed – and managed by the business as much as is possible
  • Business rules, a declarative language for specifying business logic, are the best basis for defining all three
  • Logic must be supplemented with analytic insight if any of these systems are to meet their full potential

I make no attempt to guess which phrases will gain market traction but I think these three statements will stand the test of time 🙂