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Rexer Analytics Data Mining Survey Results Released


Karl let me know that the results from his survey are available – you can find them on the Rexer Analytics site – so I thought I would take a look and blog about them. Karl collected 348 responses from individuals in 44 countries and I found the results worth a read. A few highlights:

  • CRM/Marketing continues to be the field for which data mining is used most often
  • Driving strategic decision making and driving operational decisions were even and top of the list of uses of results. I was pleasantly surprised and this evidence that data mining is being used operationally. It is also interesting that batch scoring outdid interactive/real-time nearly 2:1
  • Dirty data, data access issues, and explaining data mining to others remain the top challenges faced by data miners
  • Data miners spend only 20% of their time on actual modeling
  • SPSS and SAS continue to dominate the software used with Statistica, R, and the Salford products gaining ground

Karl is also looking for ideas for next years so think about how the survey could be improved and let him know.


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