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Intalio User Conference Wrap Up


Back from the Intalio User Conference and thought I would post a few thoughts post-event. Overall I was very impressed by the event – it was well organized and executed, free wifi, plenty of power in the rooms etc. I was a little disappointed that there were not more user case studies but I suspect that was a function of this being the first user conference more than anything – having got a user conference off the ground myself it takes a couple of years.

It was encouraging to see how many of the BPMS implementors (both VARs and customers) could see the value of adding decision management to their existing process-centric approaches. Clearly folks who have a couple of BPM projects under their belt can see the power of externalizing and managing the decisions in those processes. I was also impressed at the range and quality of open source products both from Intalio and from its partners. Nice to see more open source products further up the stack. Finally I was impressed by the number of countries from which attendees came and the overall level of experience in the people I met.

I am looking forward both to future Intalio events and to seeing an open source stack that delivers process and decision management emerging over the next few months.


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  • Jonathan Crow June 30, 2008, 10:39 am

    We certainly enjoyed having you at the event, and got some great positive feedback on your presentation. And your book was a big hit. Hope to have you at our next event.
    We did plan on having more case studies, but last minute schedule changes, travel, and other issues made it difficult. Next year we will definitely have more. And what we missed in quantity hopefully we made up for in quality;).