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Here’s how to use EDM to support Earth Day


Well today was Earth Day – you knew that, I hope. I knew because last week I was at John Muir’s house with a wonderful group of 4th/5th graders doing a simulation of his period. So, in the spirit of Earth Day, how are Enterprise Decision Management and Smart (enough) Systems “green”?

  • If your marketing systems were smarter, they would only send mail to people who might care (saving trees)
  • If you building’s systems were smarter, they would minimize the power they used to heat or cool the building, reducing emissions
  • If your supply chain was smarter, you would waste fewer parts to obsolescence and mis-classification
  • If your production systems were smarter, you would optimize your use of materials, power and so reduce waste
  • If your vehicle scheduling and routing was smarter you would have shorter routes, fewer vehicles and lower fuel usage
  • If you scheduled your factory “more smarter” you would use less power, less resources to make the goods you sell

You get the picture. If you use Enterprise Decision Management to automate and improve decisions and so built smarter systems, you would have a cleaner conscience come Earth Day.

Last note, if you visit John Muir’s house, say hi to Ranger Tad for me – he was great and the kids really learned a lot from him.