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Call for presentations – the new EDM Summit


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All About Agility

  • How are you integrating business rules and analytics?
  • How are you adding intelligence to your business processes?
  • How are you putting analytics to work in your operational systems?
  • How, in other words, are you using Enterprise Decision Management (EDM) to innovate your business? Your colleagues and peers want to know.

We invite you to present at the Enterprise Decision Management (EDM) Summit OCTOBER 26-30, 2008 — ORLANDO, FL  

Join us this year to share how the technologies and approaches of Enterprise Decision Management (EDM) have helped your organization deliver agility while managing risk, focusing on customers, or demonstrating compliance. Whether you call this Business Decision Management or Customer Decision Management or just Decision Management, we want to hear from you. The EDM Summit brings together managers, practitioners and vendors to talk about what works and to provide attendees with a host of practical ideas they can put to use in their own companies. These practical ideas don’t come from us, they come from you.

Most of all, we want real-life case studies. We want to hear what really happened, what worked and what did not, from the actual people who undertook them. Whether you want to show how you got started or how you have learned from experience, whether you want to talk about technology, people or methodology we want real-life cases. If you are a consultant or vendor, the best way to be accepted is to co-present with someone from your client’s organization. Real experience, not company positioning or marketing buzzwords, is what it takes to be selected.

Particular areas of interest include, but are not limited to …

  • Using decision services with BPM or SOA to put intelligence into composite applications
  • Using business rules and analytics or data mining in combination
  • Implementing adaptive control and champion/challenger testing
  • The impact of the technologies and approaches of EDM on the software development life cycle

 Your presentation ideas are welcome in any of our mainstay topic areas, including …

  • Business Rule Management Systems and Engines
  • Data Mining and Predictive Analytics Technologies
  • Techniques and Methodologies for Data Mining and Predictive Analytics
  • Decision Services, Business Rules and SOA
  • Adaptive Control and Optimization
  • Managing Decisions in BPM and SOA
  • Moving to BI 2.0 / Operational BI
  • Event-based Decision Management
  • Compliance and Risk Management
  • Organizational Change

Not on the list? Tell us about your own unique ideas! Top architect at a mainstream software vendor? Creator of a highly innovative product? We will consider your presentation for our Chief Architect’s track. Highly selective. 

We Want to Hear from You …

We welcome presentation ideas from all! Do you have a business success story? Best practices about how to use decision management technology? Significant progress in applying data mining to operational systems? EDM Summit is THE place to present on experience, proven solutions and new innovations in this exciting area. We bring together companies and experts from diverse industries in a unique and exciting venue to share their experiences. Do you know qualified colleagues who would make great Forum speakers? Click here to forward this message to a friend. Invite them to submit their Presentation Abstract for consideration!


To submit your presentation idea …
Step 1. Please read the Speaker Agreement carefully.
Step 2. Complete the Speaker Abstract Submission Form.
Presenters will receive a full complimentary registration to the Business Rules Forum, including the two co-located conferences Enterprise Decision Management (EDM) Summit and Rules Technology Summit as well as to RulesExpo.

Got a question? Please email us at speakerinfo@businessrulesforum.com