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Best set of 2008 predictions yet


Vinnie over at the deal architect had a wonderful post on 2008 predictions – Enterprise Predictions for 2008. Inspired by the simple practicality of his post I thought I would make some EDM predictions for the year too.

  • Millions of dollars will be saved when EDM systems detect fraudulent claims
  • Millions more will be saved when EDM systems detect stolen credit cards and stolen identities
  • Thousands of trees will be saved by marketers using EDM to target individuals with personalized offers instead of carpet bombing with junk mail
  • Thousands of hours of time will be saved by EDM systems that calculate ad prices, configure trucks, schedule factory production and manage packages
  • Hundreds of companies will do more with less because their systems are smart enough to be useful, thanks to their use of EDM

People sometimes think that EDM is some new, cutting edge thing. It’s not – it’s proven, it works and it delivers the goods. Welcome to 2008.