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Glib, me?


Venkat posted a comment to my post on web 2.0, social media and EDM in which he said that he “found this piece to be a little too quick/glib compared to your other pieces”. As my friends in Texas would say, “them are fightin words” so I thought a response was called for.

social media are more complex. I’d think in terms of a capability maturity model, with no company having really reached “mature.”

True. Still, I stand by my observations as to how the current range of social media approaches might be integrated with a focus on the automation and improvement of decisions. I don’t think this is the last word by any means, but I do think you could do the things I suggest.

This means we’ve only mapped out the first few rungs of the model, with several still to go. In these first few rungs, we know social media help in marketing, internal knowledge capture, CRM, restricted types of decisions (prediction markets) and open innovation.

Definitely and I was only trying to focus on how the various things I have seen work in social media might be integrated. I think many more things will emerge and they will have a different set of interactions with enterprise decision management (EDM).

Beyond that? The first cases are just emerging, so it is premature to say. I haven’t seen social media successfully impact strategy yet, for instance.

I am a cynic so I might even go further and say that I have not seen social media successfully impact anything in a corporation yet. At least not in more than one or two examples. That does not mean it won’t or that it’s not important, just that it is immature and still evolving.

In the end I am not sure the post deserved to be called “glib” – I was not trying to make it seem easy nor to be definitive. I was more concerned with showing that a focus on social media is not incompatible with a focus on decision automation.