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Blogging Update


As many of you know I have now left Fair Isaac. Although I will continue to write some posts for the EDM blog, I will now mostly be blogging here on smartenoughsystems.com. As a result you will see more posts, many more categories and a gradual redesign of the blog to be more suitable. Please be patient during the transition as the design and layout may be odd at various points as we work on it. Those of you used to my work on the EDM blog will find that the posts will be similar, though with a broader focus on non-Fair Isaac customers and products.

The URL for the blog will be http://www.jtonedm.com and the RSS feed will be http://feeds.feedburner.com/smartenoughsystems.

If you have questions or concerns, please email me – james@smartenoughsystems.com. In particular I would like to know if a separate feed just for posts about the book is worthwhile. If you think it is, email me.