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Testimonial from Tom Debevoise


“Even though Business Rules has around as a discipline and a methodology for many years, it is a field that is poorly understood by management. Because Business Rules is dominated by technologists and a confusing mix of data modeling and artificial intelligence, managers and executives struggle with the benefits and necessity. “Smart (Enough) Systems” overcomes the jargon and hype of business rules by reframing the challenge as the strategic necessity to control decisions.

Business agility cannot be achieved without enterprise decision management. Without a clear vision, the journey to effective decision management can be long, complicated and expensive. “Smart (Enough) Systems” presents a well written guide to this topic. Many parts of the book detail useful activities that companies can start today.  “Smart (Enough) Systems” should be on every thoughtful manager’s bookshelf

The information James and Neil present is an absolute “must read” for every executive or manager working with business strategy and tactics.”

Tom Debevoise, author of “Business Process Management With a Business Rules Approach